Connecting communities when times are tough

One in four people in Australia are lonely, which affects their physical and mental health and places further burden on the public system[1]. Depression costs A$98.8 billion (6% of GDP) per year and is a significant cost to Australia[2]. Improving an individual’s integration into the community not only reduces depression, loneliness and isolation but also acts as prevention, providing people with a sense of belonging.

There are many formal and informal support networks that already exist within communities. Often these focus on just one issue or need and resources and infrastructure are replicated over and over.  This is where Support Networks Australia can step in.

Support Networks Australia mentors and trains local community leaders to develop and implement local Community Support Networks (CSN) that support people in their community who may be struggling with health issues, emergencies, loss or other life altering circumstances. We are about Building Stronger Communities. This is achieved through strong leadership, knowledge sharing, co-operation, integrity and caring. The Community Support Network Framework (CSN-F) is provided to the local Community Support Networks and consists of resources, mentors and startup support. This includes an initial assessment of the community’s needs to ensure that the program does not replicate what is already working well, and works to fill the gaps and make necessary connections.

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