A Community Support Network (CSN) is a step by step program which empowers a community member to create a local support network.

With knowledge gained from 8 years of running the Samford Support Network, we have created a model that will train and guide you through the process of setting up your own community network.

In the first 1 – 3 months you will be instructed on how to set up the following:

  • Register as a charity
  • Tax exemption & redemption
  • Community consultation to understand the local need
  • Sources of funding
  • Team established
  • Training completed for key team members

Within the first 12 months, you would will be trained on how to achieve the following:

  • Build a client and member database
  • Network with key community members, politicians & businesses
  • Successful implementation of core services
  • Teaching & implementing of Drive Management System
  • Performance measurement system